Race to Zero

About Dining by Design

Dining by Design is DIFFA’s (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) signature annual fundraising event that coincides with Architectural Digest Design Show. Designers participate by creating a dining setting with the culmination being an auction and dinner event with all proceeds going to the support of individuals and organizations fighting HIV/AIDS.

Design Concept

Using design to visualize information, the Race to Zero installation highlights the contrast between past stereotypes and statistics around HIV/AIDS and the most current data reported by the UN AIDS Organization. Through the use of various techniques, materiality and technology, the installation is meant to draw out a visceral human connection to evoke accountability to one another. With current treatments having transformed a positive HIV diagnosis from a death sentence into a treatable chronic illness – and the end of the HIV epidemic by 2030 a tangible possibility – the design explores both a dark look into the past and light vision of the future. By examining both a utopian and dystopian point of view, the installation is aimed at encouraging contemplation and ultimately action in the race to zero new infections and zero discrimination in the continued fight against HIV/AIDS.

Location: New York

Square Footage: 242

Year: 2017

Design Firm: M Moser Associates

Role: Lead Designer & Fundraising