About Diffa & Obeetee

Handmade rug manufacturer, Obeetee and DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) partnered to offer a rug collection with proceeds going to the support of individuals and organizations fighting HIV/AIDS. WUNO was invited to participate through donating a custom rug design to the DIFFA Collection.

Design Concept

With the precedent that Nature connects all Life, WUNO’s design for the DIFFA Rug Collection for Obeetee, uses abstracted natural forms in combination with reinterpreted motifs and patterns from Sub-Saharan African countries, making reference to the part of the world with the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS. The aim being to draw positive attention the countries most in need of combative resources against HIV/AIDS. Whether colored in saturated or neutral tones the vibrancy and dynamism to the pattern is intended to bring joy and a sense of hopefulness in the continued fight towards ending HIV/AIDS.

Year: 2017