Wipro Digital

Through a healthy and close relationship between client and designer, Wipro Digital’s office in London’s tech hub, The Silicon Roundabout, was realized. Referencing celebrated industrial designer, Dieter Rams’ principles of ‘Good Design,’ the goal was to avoid superfluous elements. The outcome is a refreshingly straightforward space with surprisingly analog tools supporting digital innovation. The design pays close attention to aesthetic while remaining functional and practical. For example, expressing the arched bay windows to celebrate the buildings unique architectural features also created a rhythm for writeable wall surfaces for brainstorming and collaboration sessions. The meeting rooms feature sliding walls which allow them to be transformed into larger boardrooms and have a drapery system which gives privacy while maintaining openness and honestly within the space. Even the furniture is lightweight and moveable, ensuring maximum spatial flexibility. The office’s open plan work area is equally adaptive, providing a simple, capable and communicative work setting for teams of designers, strategists, software developers and user experience specialists. The design also included a full overhaul of air conditioning system to improve indoor air quality and wellness. This office space is everything a modern workplace needs to be for a transformative digital tech company; empowering, functional and practical.

Location: London

Square Footage: 5,800

Year: 2015

Design Firm: M Moser Associates

Role: Lead Designer