Investment Tech

A workplace with a cyclical workflow and iterative process intrinsically embraces change. To support this, the design engages with space in a manner which creates few fixed elements, fosters maximum flexibility and continuously supports the business needs of this Investment Technology firm. With adaptability as the cornerstone of the design approach, three unique design solutions were proposed for theInvestment Tech’s gathering hub.

Liquid Space

Free-flow is the mantra in Liquid Space’s inertia zone. The fluidity that is built into the interior architecture and flexible settings captures a openness that produces a constant sense of motion. The agility of the space lends itself to change and pushes the generation of thought forward.

Crystalized Core

The idea behind the Crystalized Core is to create a crystal box around the nexus of activity. A nod to value and preciousness of interaction of ideas, by positioning a convertible space at the center of the hub three distinct areas are able to operate simultaneously while celebrating the center of business activity.

The Club

The Club is all about attracting and retaining it’s members, who in this case are the FinTech’s employees and clientele. A relaxed environment, The Club provides it’s members with all the comforts of home while still maintaining a sense of professionalism. The Common is an amenity driven space with areas to dine, lounge, play and collaborate.

Location: New York

Square Footage: 30,000

Year: 2017

Design Firm: M Moser Associates

Role: Concept Designer