Asset Management Firm

New York Headquarters  Concept 

The office of the future is no longer confined to the structure in which it is held. With increased speed, mobility and change, the workplace has broadened to encapsulate, not only the office space but the context within it resides. In parallel, business workflows are such that they must incorporate a constant state of evolution, responding to social, market and cultural shifts as they unfold. Workplace design can no longer be prescribed as a fixed solution but rather it must facilitate agility, allowing its inhabitants to continually, react and reposition themselves at the forefront of marketplace innovation.


Stretching from the new Whitney Museum at one end, along the Highline and culminating at Hudson Yards, the site is situated at the top of a thoroughfare of public spaces defining contemporary culture, art and design. The design solution creates a platform for the continuation of this journey into the interior space. Incorporating areas for social engagement and expression within the reception, terrace, café, vertical circulation, interview suites, academy and amenity hub fosters connectivity, collaboration and the cross pollination of ideas and experiences. The amenity hub internally connects collective life while also functioning as an outwardly visible mechanism for the asset management firm to differentiate itself. By uniting built spaces designed to create an evolving collective dialog with intelligent modular design, the result is a workplace with intrinsic resilience and ability to reinvent and reposition itself long into the future.

Global Design Standards Development & Integration

Working collaboratively with the client and various consultants, an innovative Global Design Standards platform was created and then deployed to allow for the seamless integration of space typographies, metrics and behavioral research to inform the design solution over the asset management firm’s global portfolio and support an internal corporate culture transformation.

Location: New York, Connecticut, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, London

Square Footage: 175,000

Year: 2017

Design Firm: M Moser Associates

Role: Concept Design for NY HQ, Global Design Standards Development & Integration