Hudson Rouge

Formed as a dedicated ad agency to Lincoln Motors, Hudson Rouge focuses on select premium brands. The design of the space coincided with the forging of Hudson Rouge’s brand identity. The opportunity to design the space simultaneously with the agency’s core values, allowed for the greater integration of agency culture and the physical space. With an emphasis on premium rather than luxury, honesty, craft and creativity; the penthouse office space was appointed with finely detailed bespoke features, a material palette with integrity and carefully composed furnishing and decor. The planning supports openness and collaboration with a generous ratio of alternate work settings and meeting areas that are essential to support ideation and visioning. Circulation areas along the¬†interior and perimeter create a ‘promenade’ that allows staff and guest to easily traverse through the landscape while allowing focused work to go on undisturbed. A ‘collaboration alley’ runs through the center of the space and creates a connecting common area for the staff. The design also includes a private roof garden which provides 360 degree views of the Manhattan skyline.

Location: New York

Square Footage: 12,500

Year: 2013

Design Firm: M Moser Associates

Role: Lead Designer